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Day 1: Thursday 3 March 2011




Welcome addresses: 
  • Bruno Socillo (Director, Rai Radio)
  • Marco Simeon (Director of institutional and international relations, Rai)


Keynote Session: 
News and Networked Political Change

Swedish Radio Director-General Mats Svegfors invites participants to contribute to an open source guide to the future of media.

  • Moderator: Mike Mullane (EBU Radio)
  • Mats Svegfors (Director-General, Swedish Radio)


Session 2:  Social Media Forum

In this session we revisit a recurring theme in new media discourse: how have new 'social' technologies and platforms - such as micro-blogging, crowd sourcing and social networking - changed journalism? More specifically, what have been the key developments of the past 12 months? Speakers will elucidate trends and suggest ways broadcasters can mobilise new platforms to deliver original news content to listeners, while safeguarding fundamental journalistic principles.

  • Moderator: Mike Mullane (EBU Radio)
  • Ulrike Langer (Freelance Media Journalist)
  • Claire Wardle (BBC College of Journalism)




Session 3:  Executive Briefings

HTML5, crowd mapping and multimedia storytelling made simple. While the core job of a radio station is and will remain to be that of producing high-quality, stimulating audio content, new media provide a number of ways to enhance a network's brand and build communities of listeners though content-rich web portals and multimedia branding. This session explores and explains recent developments in these areas.




Session 4:  Innovation & Heritage

Arguably the 21st century's biggest logistical challenge to broadcasters to date has been the digitisation of vast archives, in many cases going back to the dawn of the broadcasting age. With many stations having completed this work, this session addresses the next question: how can broadcasters best mine these huge resources to deliver innovative programming to listeners?

  • Moderator: Mats Akerlund (SR)
  • Angelo Mellone and Andrea Borgnino (Rai Radio)
  • Konstantin Firun (MediaInsight, Russia)




Session 5:  Multiplatform Radio

A significant feature of 2010 was a turning away from the 'one box for all' models of domestic media consumption many media commentators had predicted. A surge in smartphone uptake and, crucially, the advent of a wholly new platform in the now-ubiquitous 'Pad' suggest that, on the contrary, the trend is towards increased diversification of media consumption. While TV's technologists may find this new direction destabilising, radio has always 'abhorred a vacuum', constantly finding new outlets whether they be in cars, in baseball caps at sports matches, and even - briefly - in wrist watches. What are today's key media access points? And how can we ensure we are using them to their best advantage?

  • Moderator: Matthew Trustram (EBU)
  • Josh Mendelsohn (RadioTime)
  • Nico Perez (Co-founder, Mixcloud)
  • Michael Reichert (Project Manager Future Radio, ARD-SWR)


Sponsor's address
  • Matt Child (Solaris Mobile)

As the migration from analogue to digital radio begins to pick up pace across Europe, satellite digital radio is becoming a key focus for discussion. Solaris Mobile puts forward the case that a satellite and terrestrial hybrid network provides a cost effective solution and rapidly deployable platform for digital radio broadcasters offering more channels with national coverage. The capacity provided by Solaris Mobile's satellite, in-orbit and operational since 2009 is available now with S-Band spectrum rights granted by the European Commission secured in all 27 EU member states.

Matt Child, Chief Commercial Officer, Solaris Mobile will discuss the benefits of hybrid satellite radio in S-Band for national, regional & local radio coverage with return path for interactivity for in-car and personal reception. Operating in S-Band complements existing FM services right now and is compliant with DVB and ideal for other digital audio based standards.


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Day 2: Friday 4 March 2011


Session 6:  Web Radio Metrics

A key feature of web-streaming radio is that it takes much of the guesswork out of the science of audience measurement, or 'metrics'. Although listeners who tune in via an online stream remain in the minority, how can we utilise this new, rich, and - significantly - real-time data they provide? And what other, new means do we have of discerning what our listeners think of our programming?

  • Moderator: Mats Akerlund (SR)
  • Phil Nott (VP Sales, EMEA, Ando Media)
  • Patrick Roger (VP Sales & Marketing, Adswizz)


Session 7:  Fifteen Minute Apps Workout

What separates the good from the bad and the downright ugly in the mobile web space?

  • Andrea Borgnino (Rai Radio) interviews Chris Gould (All In Media)




Session 8:  Multimedia Projects

This session looks at how multimedia is transforming radio and how radio is re-inventing itself to stay relevant to listeners of all ages.

  • Moderator: Matthew Trustram (EBU Radio)
  • David Becker (SR-DRS)
  • Thomas Grond (SR-DRS)
  • Alex Braga (610, Rai)


End of conference

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